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Supplemental Training

At The Factory we like to work! This fall we are offering 15 sessions in our season package. Participants will get one soccer session a week and one performance training session every other week. Contact us for team discounts.

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Youth Sport and Agility Training Sessions

Become the best athlete you can be with The Factory.

Adult Sport and Fitness Training Sessions

Any age, any level. We will make you better.

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Meet The Coaches

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Welcome to The Factory

The Factory at East Ridge is committed to providing a high quality after school program with a strong focus in academics and athletic training. Providing an environment that fosters these principles will allow our participants to develop self discipline, integrity, confidence, character, courage, dedication, teamwork and strong work ethic needed for future success, both in sports and in life. The Factory offers private, team, and small group sessions in the sports of wrestling, soccer, baseball, and softball.

  • The Factory at East Ridge will offer a superior option for after school care and athletic training. Through an extensive network of organized sports, associations, and like minded people that want to see education and athletics grow in our local community, The Factory at East Ridge will offer after school study time and sport specific training in a variety of sports, both year round and off season.

  • The Factory at East Ridge will provide services for all students, regardless of skill level. We want to engage student athletes in the critical 6-13 year old age range, as this is the ideal age for children to start forming life long habits, and to learn social behavior in a team sports environment, hopefully giving many students an opportunity to excel in both academics and athletics.