June 17, 2018

Our House Studio

Strengthen & Tone:

Develop strength and endurance by using dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls, and your own body weight. This class is high-intensity (not high-impact) and can be adapted to any fitness level.​

​Performance Fit:
High-intensity interval training class that will help you reach your own maximum potential. This class will challenge you with cardio, balance, strength, and speed exercises. A total fit performance experience.​

Functional Core:
Perform tasks in training that replicate the movements found in life; improve strength while increasing your heart rate.

DDP Yoga:
Developed for athletes who had suffered years of injuries due to high impact sports. DDP isn't your mommas yoga! It combines the very best of yoga, sports therapy and dynamic resistance to create one of the most effective fitness plans in existence today.

Strength and Stretch Yoga:
In yoga we always try to find the balance of a pose, the body and mind. This class focuses on strengthening the core, arms, legs, back and overall body to help keep the muscles strong and counter balance all the lengthening we do in all the stretching.

Personal Training Sessions:
One-on-One sessions. Personalized for individual and specific needs.

Tandem Training:
Don't work out alone! Bring a friend! Half the cost.

Come and dance your evenings and your cares away with this fun sweaty mess of a work out!


Julie is an avid OCR runner and Co-owner of OCRaddix. You will find her utilizing her marketing skills to promote the gym, organizing events and co-ordinating the race team events. Her passion is motivating people to realize their true potentional and being their cheerleader.

Cait teaches our performance fit and strength & tone classes. Her passion is obstacle course racing and she is a member of the OCRaddix Pro racing team. She continues to place in the top of her age group and pushes her clients to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Cait is also a Spartan certified obstacle specialist. 

Terrance has a degree in exercise science. He loves to be active and encourages other to do the same. Terrance draws his inspiration for training from crossfit. He is an endurance sport participant and enjoys obstacle racing, rock climbing, triathlons and marathons. He teaches our core fit and performance fit AM classes. He is truly an inspiration to anyone he meets. 

Just a few years ago I was an obese, recovering alcoholic of 10 years. I smoked cigarettes, had high cholesterol, my joints ached, my back hurt, I ate bad food... and I had accepted it as my fate.  
     I began my personal transformation using the DDP Yoga program.  I believe in it so much I became certified to teach it. I then moved forward to complete my ISSA Fitness Trainer Certification. Through Continuing Education for my ISSA certification, I discovered my passion for Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching. 
     We are each a unique being in a unique body. You will find no cookie cutter diet programs, scripted workouts, nor "by the book" coaching here.  I tailor each program to your individual needs and circumstances. My passion is to help people not just tell them what to do for an hour.
     I have worked with people from all walks of life... from the seriously overweight with zero prior fitness experience  to seasoned athletes  and everyone in between.  

Cara’s yoga journey began 10 yrs ago when trying to recuperate strength and balance after a dance injury to her foot. She started to take yoga classes to keep what flexibility she still had and she continued her practice through college. When she got married and became a military spouse, she loved that she could take her practice with her wherever she went. This is when Cara fell in love with yoga and found the benefits other than physical, but the mental and spiritual as well. During this time Cara became a certified yoga instructor receiving her 200-hour Hatha yoga certificate through The Yoga Connection in September 2013. Wanting to share the healing that Cara has received through yoga, her classes are focused on mindfulness, building balance and strength, both physically and mentally. Cara enjoys learning various styles of yoga and also uses essential oils throughout her practice. She is an exerpriced yoga teacher (E-RYT) and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor (AWC). Aside from yoga, Cara enjoys photography, loves spending time with her husband and dog, hiking, renovating houses, and watching good movies.

Stephanie is a wife, mother, heath care professional and trainer with a strong desire to serve others. She teaches, motivates and encourages others to improve their health with a dynamic like no other. Stephanie has competed in NPC figure competitions in her fitness journey. She is our shred nutritional coordinator and early am Flexin' with Sexton trainer. 




Only the coolest person on the planet... That's all! (and the one who may kill me for posting that.) Christy is the gym owner and is active in the everyday operations and training at the gym. Her fire burns at an intensity most people can not fathom. She is a inspiration to so many and welcomes everyone in with a warm heart.


Our House Studios Inc. is a program dedicated to helping our members achieve their highest fitness level. Our energetic professional fitness coaches take great pride in giving the best service to each client who walks through our doors. At Our House Studios Inc. you will receive the highest quality group fitness training at affordable prices.

We understand that each individual who attends our classes will start at a different fitness level. Our House Studios is designed to help the average person get in the best shape of their lives. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a police officer, Our House will help you achieve maximal physical efficiency. Our goal is to challenge our clientele to push their bodies to the limits, improving their muscular strength and muscular endurance for optimal physical efficiency.

Our group classes allow you the flexibility to set your own schedule. You can mix and match group classes every week if you wish. You can also add in private training sessions.

Instead of "sick" clinics, we at Our House want to adopt a wellness clinic mentality. A positive place where amazing transformations begin. And where we can heal our minds, bodies and spirits.

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