July 28, 2018

Season Training

What we offer…..

Another option for quality training and an opportunity to be the best athlete you can be.

In Rec leagues we often see stronger teams develop through the age groups because they stay together. They have the advantage of a more experienced coach and more experienced players. This can make a newcomers experience less than enjoyable. New players often find themselves on a team with unfamiliar players and a coach that is new to the game. The older the players when they start, the tougher it can be for them to enjoy this wonderful game. The Factory is here to help close those gaps.

We also service high level players that are looking to tighten up the fundamentals, get some extra touches on the ball or need to address a specific area.  No matter the skill level or the athletic ability, we will make you better.

We also have players that are looking for a higher quality training and competition, but can’t make the commitment to club programs and fall behind in development and never reach potential.

The Factory program is designed to address these issues and more. The Factory program is designed to improve the recreational experience for all players, coaches and parents. This program offers quality training, increased competition and opportunity to experience tournament play. The Factory program is designed to improve the local recreational program and encourage development of all teams, players and coaches. Players in the program will be encouraged to play on different teams in their rec league and compete against the friends they train with weekly. Twice a season The Factory group will pool play in a tournament for those that want that experience.

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Team Training Packages also available.

Want to train with your team and raise your game? The Factory will book team sessions with a minimum of ten players per team. The Factory can help you raise your game no matter the skill level.

Season Package includes one session a week with Coach Heath working on soccer fundamentals and tactics and one session every other week with Coach Victoria working on Performance training, balance, speed and agility.

Min of 10 players per team to book out session. Teams will have weekly designated practice spots.